Saturday, June 25, 2011

Its been too long

Hello everyone, I must say I sincerely apologize for how long I was away. It was a little over a month since I last reported, and I'm honestly a little ashamed. However, nanaging a blog becomes difficult when there are so many other things going on. Everyday obligations, things popping up, and just general forgetfulness. We are halfway through the season and I have YET to post a WPS Week Review...that's embarrassing. Hopefully if I get my act together I will be covering it for the last half. Also, I didn't cover the USWNT and their send-off, which I actually attended. I've dropped the ball folks and I know it. Since there is so much stuff I've missed out on I'll try making a video for my youtube page and I'll upload it. I'll just talk about some stuff I missed, to catch us up and discuss some smaller things happening in the Women's Soccer world. Once again, sorry all! I will try being more diligent!


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