Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WPS Free Agency and Western NY Franchise

There's some events to mention regarding WPS! And they're good ones, I promise.

Hello everyone! Some goings-on have been happening in the WPS! So far, there's been some Free-Agency moves (finally!), and the Western NY franchise has announced some important information, so let's talk about it:

Ashlyn Harris- Harris, the young keeper who took over for McLeod in July of the WPS season (and did an outstanding job, I might add), will be making saves for Western NY next year. The brand new WPS team should be happy that they jumped on Harris, they've got a great keeper on their hands. As a Freedom fan, I'm going to miss her, but I can't wait to see what she does for Western NY! Good luck to her!

Allie Long- Long has been signed by Sky Blue FC, whose head coach is now Jim Gabarra (The Freedom's former coach). Long is a good middie and Sky Blue FC will definitely benefit from her presence!

Western NY- The Western NY franchise announced their official name and logo. Its going to be the Flash, as was their previous W-league name, the "Buffalo Flash." Instead, they're dropping the Buffalo part, to make their official name the "Western NY Flash." Cool name!

That's all on the WPS news for now, but expect to see some big transfers soon. There's no way big names like Sinclair, Marta, Boxx, Buehler, Kai, Lloyd, etc are going to stay in no-man's land for too long. Expect to see them and many other big players get swiped up sooner rather than later.

See you again soon,


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