Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reaching 5,000 Views

Hello everyone! Here again to mention that the blog has reached a new mile stone. It has acquired another 1,000 views and it not at 5,106 exactly. I'm really happy that the blog continues to get views and that it averages about 1,000 a month/month and a half! Viewing has been a little lower than usual, but for a lack of news people are still interested in Women's soccer!

Thanks again to all of my readers and followers who check out the blog. As I always say, I love the sport and love writing about it, and I'm happy to see so many fans reading my posts and having the same interest and passion in the Women's game.

Just as a side note, I plan to do a prediction post on the WPS soon! And I'll write a little about Saturday's highly anticipated match-up: USA vs. England!

Here's to 6,000!


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