Monday, September 27, 2010

On The Road To Germany: Four More Teams Qualify For The Women's World Cup

England, France, Norway, and Sweden are on the Road to Germany for the Women's World Cup in 2011

Hey everyone! I know I'm a little late on this information, but since these teams qualified right around the time when WPS Play-offs were starting, this little piece of news took a back seat. But, here's the information for you now, just in case you didn't know.

Four more teams will be joining hosts Germany, along with Australia, Korea DPR, and Japan, in the World Cup Finals. The UEFA (European) qualifiers, which started in August of 2009, ended in mid-September. England, France, Norway, and Sweden will be heading to Germany in 2011 for the Women's World Cup. The four teams that lost (Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark), still have hopes to get into the World Cup, and will be playing against each other in a round of play-offs. There are actually 2 rounds of play-offs. The winner of the Ukraine vs. Italy match will face-off against the winner of the Switzerland vs. Denmark match. Whoever wins that will have to face off against the 3rd place team in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Whoever wins that match will get a spot in the Women's World Cup.

That's now 2 regional qualifications that have been finished. But, there's still plenty more! The end of 2010 is going to be quite a busy one in the way of Women's World Cup Qualifiers, particularly the months of October and November. The African Championship is going to be held from October 29th to November 14th. The North, Central American and Caribbean (CONCACAF) Gold Cup will take place from October 28th to November 8th. The South American (CONMEBOL) qualifying will be held from October 28th to November 14th. And, last but not least, the Oceania (OFC) qualifying will be held from the 29th of September to the 8th of October. As you can see, a lot of qualifiers are taking place at the same time. Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, its going to be very busy! I'll be sure to check scores and results frequently, and of course I'll be writing posts as the countries qualify little by little. Seems like next up for all of us is the OFC. I'll be sure to keep track on that and let you all know who qualifies.

See you again soon!


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