Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And in Recap ( WPS Week 5)

Now its time for me to give my recap and opinions on the week in review. These posts will probably always be named "And in Recap". Let's get started!

FC Gold Pride- I knew this team was too good to be down for long. They have been first place for 2-3 weeks now. With players like Sinclair (currently one of the top strikers in the league with 3 goals), Marta (4 time World FIFA Player of the year, and top scorer last year...need I say more? She will come to life at some point this season, she's too good to be silenced forever.), Abily (French middie who scored quite a few goals last season, about 8 or more. Another player that is too good to stay dormant for too long.), Milbrett (an oldie, but a goodie. Already has 2 goals in the league. A good striker to have up front.), Barnie (Good GK.), Dew (defensive anchor, and a good one) and rookie O'Hara (quite a prolific rookie. 2 assists, and 1 goal, that's a record that no one can complain about. More is definitely on the way.), I would sure hope so. Continue winning, and you might see yourself go far this season

St.Louis- seem impressive at first sight, but are better looking on paper than they are on the field. Have a decent record as of right now, but they are beatable. They have almost too many players to mention, So here's a few standouts- Solo (greatest 'keeper in women's soccer in my opinion. Getting past her is a challenge for sure.) and Aluko (not her biggest fan...but she can score, no doubt about it). To be honest, St.Louis is my least favorite team in the WPS right now. They're a shadow of past league superstar team La Sol, as they have many of the the former La players (Boxx, Chalupny, Miyama). Good? Yes. Beatable? Absolutely.

Chicago Red Stars- A team to watch, for sure. Possibly a dark horse this season. Chicago consistently dominates possession against most of the other teams they've played against. Only problem? Find the back of that net. With the addition of Rapinoe (excellent middie with superb 1 v 1 abilities, along with world class dribbling, outstanding vision and play-making skills, combined with some flair? You've got yourself quite a player on your hands.), the attack efforts should increase for the better, as should the speed of the midfield. Rapinoe will bring that offensive spark which is just what the doctor ordered. Other key players, like Cristiane (a great Brazilian player. Broke out of her slump by scoring her first 2 weeks ago, but needs to start scoring more. The team is relying on her to do what she does best. She's having problems finding her rhythm, but I'm sure she'll find it again.), Nogueira (rookie who has been doing pretty well this season. Yes she might have made a horrible miss one time that would have been the game winner, but what do you want? The girl is 21 years old, lacks experience, and is doing more than anyone else on the team! Cut her some slack. She's got 2 goals, and I expect more.), Masar (She needs to find her rhythm. She's a decent player and could only benefit CRS if she just got it together), will be instrumental in CRS's success. Dominate possession, find your rhythm, get in sync, and find the back of the net!

Washington Freedom- Home of the league's best offense, and for a good reason. With Strikers like Wambach (tall, fast player who is great on and off the ball. Great in the air, and when playing against physical opponents. Wambach will find opportunities to score anytime, anywhere, which makes her such a versatile player. Not only that, but she's also selfless. 6 assists in 5 games? That's incredible. A true force in the offensive effort.), and DeVanna (DeVanna's accolades and goals speak for themselves. Her lightning-fast pace can beat even the best of defenders, and her World Class Dribbling makes her a threat to any defense. Its hard to contain DeVanna, and when you have to, you will have your hands full. With 6 goals and 5 assists last year, she showed not only can she score, but she can provide and drive the offense on the other side of the coin as well. Its only a matter of time before this offensive player busts out and begins to score.), along with attacking midfielders like Sawa (2 goals on the campaign. For a midfielder? no complaints at all.) the proof is in the pudding. Keep dominating and scoring those goals, and the wins will of course follow, as will the points. The only thing that needs work is the defense, as Washington also houses the league's most scored on defense. Patch up those holes, and you'll be near unstoppable.

Boston Breakers- An all around team with a strong defense, and quite a strong offense. The only problem is that the defense will sometimes give up clean sheets easily, and the offense hasn't been as productive as of late. In back, LePeilbet (WPS Defender of the Year last year, and rightfully so. Able to mark players tightly, read the game extremely well, stop passes, long balls, through balls, and dodge attempts dead. Her speed make her one of the toughest defenders to beat, and one of the toughest to win a footrace against.) anchors defense. On offense, there are quite a few mentionable names. Smith (English player with 3 goals in the league. Great total right now. She has the ability to score from quite a few places, and reads the game well.), Cheney (young rookie who is sure to evolve into a great, at the rate she's been going. First goal of the season to start off the 2010 WPS year, but then silenced. Cheney needs to get it back together, and she'll be back on track in no time, scoring left and right, which she has the potential to do.), Laura Del Rio (player from Spain with impressive accolades gained and set in La Liga/Spanish WNT. Seemed impressive on attacking efforts in past Boston games. Now she needs to find the back of the net, off the bench.), along with some middie prescence, like Lilly (experienced veteran who is great on the wings). Boston Breakers has pretty much all of the pieces of the puzzle. Time to put them together and make them work. You have the offense, start scoring more goals. And defense? Tidy up just a little and stop giving away clean sheets, you're taking points off my fantasy team. Just kidding, but seriously, make it tight as can be back there.

Sky Blue FC- Where do I begin? You guys are WPS Champions. Start playing like you're champions. Score more goals, win against big teams, don't let other teams dominate, you should be 1st right now, technically. I'll give you more time, but you really have to shape up. You've got the players. Bardsley (excellent GK really making a name for herself.), Kai (an excellent, speedy striker with a great eye for goal, and an incredible scoring ability. Excellent dribbling skills, deadly vertical jump, smart plays on and off the ball, what else do you need? Tasha Kai is on form this year. Expect more than just 2 from her.), HaO (doing decent, but is a much better player than has been shown as of late). Point is, Sky Blue, you have to step up. You have not been playing, or winning convincingly at all.

Philadelphia Independence- a definite surprise team this season. Thought to be one of the noob teams that were going to be easier to beat, but they have shown almost every team in the league that they can play with the big boys. Philly has come up with incredible wins, and was the last undefeated team standing until Week 5. Don't let these first-timers fool you, they have a more talented squad than it seems. Players like Lori Lindsey (Lindsey is to Philly Independence as Xavi is to FC Barcelona. Instrumental in the midfield, high work rate, great passes, good play-making and vision, the reason why she has 4 assists and a goal.), Magnusdottir (Icelandic international who is a good defender. Good work rate in back, not afraid to get in there and mark up), and Falk (a great defender who knows how to score....even if she does put it into the back of her own net...), things are looking up. I would expect that Philly will continue to succeed in this league. Underdogs? Maybe for Week 1, but now, they're a team to beat

Atlanta Beat- You've lost every game, and I can only think of 2, maybe 3 players who have been worth anything for you. Bachmann (a 19 year old that has scored 2 of your goals. She's great, no doubt, but come on people, you're relying on a 19 year old alone? Sad. Guess its 'cause you got no one else.) Ocampo (Mexican player who's scored one goal, that's more than most of the rest of you.), and McCall Zerboni (did well in midfield for ATL against Sky Blue, seems like a driving force of the midfield). All in all, ATL, if you do not find your "Beat", and find it fast, you're done, because you're falling way too far behind

And that's it for the WPS Week 5 in Review. Enjoy! Feel free to comment, agree, or even disagree.



  1. St. Louis is definitly not as good as they sound! Realy there not! there like La Sol, but thing is that there not uber good like they were! practically same team on paper, but not on field, and thats what counts! and also, ATL is not too bad now that Ive seen em play! They put up a greaaat fight against SBFC and I feel they should have won that game! If bachman ( i thnik thats her name) inproves her finishing skill and makes some of those shots into the net, dont count them out! and cant forget McNeill and KERRRRR!

  2. Agreed. ATL is actually not bad, but the standings are not representative of the effort they've been putting out. Only 1 point for them. There's something they're lacking though apparently, and that might be finishing. They have to pick it up, or they will be left in the dust...too much dust to swiffer themselves out of. St.Louis was a very strong team last year as well, and have now become even stronger, yet, just like last year, proved they are very beatable. SBFC, not doing well at all. Winning unconvincingly has been the name of their game lately. A win is a win, but they're making me very nervous.