Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Calling all soccer fans

Welcome! My name is Denise, and obviously, you are on my blog. If you're a soccer fan, grab a chair, sit here for a while, and feel free to read and comment. If you're not, then get out of here! No, I'm just kidding, anybody is welcome to "Just another Soccer Fan". Maybe for all of you non-soccer fans, we can get you to convert to being a follower of the best sport in the world....anyway, this is my introductory post, which will serve to explain the type of things I'll be writing about on here. I'm just a person who loves their soccer, and I can write about it for hours. I've been meaning to set up a blog, but I've been kind of busy in the past few months, and finally just dove in and created it. I'm pretty excited to have it set-up, and I'll be looking forward to writing on it. As any soccer fan, I have certain teams and leagues that I like to follow. I will cover both Men's and Women's soccer, as I enjoy both. As for Men's soccer, I'll be covering La Liga, particularly teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, and general league review. I'll also be covering my favorite Men's National Team: Spain. World Cup 2010 is upon us, so expect some posts about that! If I don't it'll be because I'm too busy watching games all day or celebrating. Anyways, as for Women's Soccer, I will be writing quite a bit about the United States Women's Professional Soccer league, aka WPS. Also, I'll be covering my favorite Women's National Team: The United States. Of course, the blog is not just limited to these teams, its just an idea of what you'll be seeing most of. You can expect to see posts on certain events as well, such as Champions League, occasionally Europa League, World Cup Qualifiers, World cup matches, Euro matches, anything soccer that's going on, I'll likely cover it. I'm not a big fan of the Serie A, Bundesliga, or the Premier league, but I will rarely catch a game or 2, and so might write about it. I think that's pretty much everything...oh and I have a lot of favorite players (who doesn't?). I might just list them all now, because I feel like it, and also because you might see some individual posts on them. In Men's soccer, I have ONE absolute favorite, and that's David Villa. He's such an incredible player (I'll save all of my praises for an individual post). Expect a post about him alone somewhere down the road. I also like Mata and Jesus Navas. As for Women's soccer, my favorites are Wambach, Kai, Rapinoe, LePeilbet, Sinclair, and DeVanna. Expect to see stuff on them too. But even though I have favorites, I like most any player. I also collect soccer cards. I have a near complete David Villa collection, and my Mata and Jesus Navas collections have been growing. I like to collect all sorts of memorabilia, but cards are my number one favorite. Expect to see some pictures and posts of the collections I have going. Pretty much, this is a blog dealing with all things soccer (and maybe a random topic once in a while). Some of my blog posts will be opinionated rants and comments, so just keep that in mind. Feel free to agree, or even have a good argument! That's all for my introductory post. Hope you enjoy my blog, as I will be having just as much fun writing it!

I look forward to seeing you there!



  1. Great post! Gotta love the WPS!!! Hopefully we get some TTMs to showcase up here, make a little series about wps ttms, and eventually our "wantlist" for the new wps set, maybe some people will trade or sell cards! Well I have all of the same favorites as you LOL but yeah, good bolg, glad you finally jumped in, should be fun for you!