Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WPS Weekly Rant (Week 5)

Welcome to my first actual soccer post in the history of "Just another Soccer fan". I wrote this the other day for fun, and now I'm putting it here for anyone who would like to read. Here we go!

Another week down for WPS, and the scores, although not necessarily yielding tons of goals, still got the job done for some of the teams. Here's a review of what happened in Week 5- FC Gold Pride is staying in 1st place, with 3 points, thanks to a goal by Milbrett, and another by O'Hara, one of the few prospect rookies in the league. On a side note, I have to say the rookies for the most part have been doing well this year. While Cheney has silenced a bit since her first few games, I know deep down she is a great player, nothing will change that. As for Nogueira, despite the lack of judgment used in the dying minutes against St. Louis (week 2), which is kind of expected from a young 21 year who lacks experience, she's been carrying Chicago. 2 goals for her in the campaign, and no one can complain, because that has been the only thing keeping the Red stars alive. She might not be a superstar...yet...but she's doing what the proclaimed superstars haven't been so far.

As for O'Hara, her record for the season isn't too shabby at all. 2 assists, and a goal. Keep it up, that's a good record, especially for a young'n. Anyways, FCGP gets past at the expense of Chicago Red Stars. Poor CRS, looked like they'd be making a comeback when Nogueira, Rapinoe, and Cristiane showed up against Boston, but apparently that was all for naught, as once again, no one on CRS could step up to the plate this time around. CRS had better get their act together, and fast. The addition of Rapinoe back onto the squad should help tremendously with the midfield speed and attacking efforts, but she can't be expected to do all the work herself. While CRS has possessed for the majority of their games, they can never find the back of the net. Maybe they need glasses? who knows.

As for one of the more looked forward to match-ups (for me anyway, as it was a rematch of this year's first match in which Washington lost 2-1 to Boston....revenge, anyone?), Washington Freedom vs. Boston Breakers, it was a bit of a disappointment. A 0-0 tie, in which nobody wins. If you're going to tie, at least score some goals! Then again, a 0-0 tie means both teams are pretty strong and were able to hold out against each other, making the next match-up that much more exciting. I'm guessing Boston's strong defense held off The league's best offense. In all fairness though, Washington were missing key midfielder Sawa, and also lightning fast striker DeVanna due to each players international duty. Could their contribution to the attack effort been the key to winning? We'll never know, not until next match-up of course. I like both teams, so I guess I am glad that they both tied, and nobody had to lose, but I would have liked to have seen Washington even out the record.

Now for St.Louis Athletica vs. Philadelphia Independence. This match seemed like a total disaster...for Philly that is. As the final undefeated team, this game proved to be pretty bad. The first goal, came from an own goal. Yes, that is right, first own goal in WPS I believe, and who was it scored by? None other than the biggest pioneer of firsts in this league. That's right, you guessed it, Falk. First player to score a goal in WPS, first player to score for the Philly Independence expansion team, first player to be shown a red card in a WPS Championship Final, and the first player to score an own goal. Way to go Falk, at this rate your trophy case will explode. Anyway, after the one goal, Philly made attempts, but I guess the "A-Rod wonder" couldn't produce any magic like she's cracked up to create. To put St.Louis even further ahead, Tarpley scored her first ever WPS goal for the campaign, and also for her time with St.Louis. Then Patterson came off the bench for Philly and scored. That did nothing, as St.Louis would end up winning the match. My one complaint for this game, is that St.Louis won. They aren't even that good. Sure they have good players but they aren't as uber as they seem. No matter who St.Louis beats, I will always be able to proudly say "Hey, Washington beat them...3-1. Taste that for breakfast." And Falk....own goal? You're kind of overachieving now with the firsts, don't you think?

And for the last match. Sky Blue FC vs. Atlanta Beat. Atlanta Beat, just don't have the "beat", or the rhythm. They haven't won a single game so far. Sky Blue undeservedly won 1-0 in the match. Sky Blue looked lost. Atlanta had possession most of the time, and created the best chances. Bachmann played excellently, and really impressed me. The young striker almost had a goal a few times. This is coming from someone who didn't believe the Bachmann hype before. All I have to say is, watch out for her, she's got talent. On the other side of the coin, Bardsley proved herself as a keeper to beat in this league. Hats off to Bardsley, she's been doing very well this season, definitely one of, if not the top keeper right now. Good job filling in for Branam, who is actually expected to return in early June. That should be interesting. But, here's where my complaints come in. Sky Blue won, sure, but off of an ATL own goal. What is this, WPS Own Goal Weekend? 2 own goals? In one week? Holy crap. That's not good at all. And here's my next big complaint. SBFC has not been playing like WPS Champions...not in the slightest bit. They've been winning games by very narrow margins, perfect example was their 1-0 win against ATL. I don't think they've scored more than 1 goal in a game. That's unacceptable. I understand that Kai is injured, and that really does hit the offense hard, but its not all about one player, as good as Kai is. We need other players to deliver when she's not there. To me, Sky Blue has been a CRS, only they're on the other side of the coin. They win every match, but by the skin of their teeth, often times letting other teams dominate. When faced with a true challenge though, like FCGP, they lose. Sky Blue had better wake up and start scoring and playing like they mean it. And ATL? I don't even know what to say. You haven't won a single game. I don't know if I should laugh or feel sorry. You have to start finding the back of that net. There's no reason to have not won a game by now.


  1. Sorry for the weird coloring on the post. I have no idea what happened there.

  2. Great post! Wps is great so farrr, well I believe that FCGP and boston are the best rounded teams, some other teams are a little top heavy like washington, but that dont mean there bad! And I think that the well rounded teams will go farthest! But its early and hey you never know! and also, SBFC? PICK UP YOUR GAME! your champs, play like em!