Thursday, May 13, 2010

Europa League Final was...yesterday? Champions League Final....May 22nd. Whoopee?

Yesterday was the Europa League Final, and the team I didn't want to win...won. Long Story short, Atletico Madrid beat Fulham in overtime. I had practically no interest in this game whatsoever, seeing as my current favorite club (Valencia CF) were out since the quaterfinals, and to add the cherry on top, were eliminated by Atletico in the second leg off of away goals (and if you'd like to add the sugar on top, let's include the fact that a penalty was way deserved for Valencia in that match, as Zigic's shirt was ripped open in the 18 yard box, right in front of the referee's eyes). So, of course I was a little bitter after that match. After all though, it is only Europa League.

Actually, while I'm on the topic of international club competition, I will also say, that I have very little interest in the Champions League final as well. Of course, since the stakes, and technically the quality of the teams, are higher for the Champions League, its a little more interesting than the Europa League. Still, I'm finding it hard to be excited even for this final. Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich....not really a fan of either. In fact, I strongly dislike Inter, and pretty much all of its players (So great back in 07 when Valencia defeated Inter in the Round of 16 of the Champions League...good after game brawl too!). I still cannot believe Barcelona let Inter win by so much in that first leg...but robbery strikes again, as the handball was called on Yaya Toure in the dying minutes of the second leg. Yaya Toure chested the ball, and passed it to Bojan, who went on to score the game wining last minute goal....if only the referee's whistle didn't follow shortly thereafter, for a handball called on Yaya Toure. That was such a BS call in my opinion. But then again, when it comes to refereeing, sometimes it helps you (Last year against Chelsea in the semifinal) and sometimes it kills you (this year in the semifinal against Inter). I'm pulling for Bayern in this one though. Although I don't much like them, or some of their players, they have been pretty impressive, and I can't take credit away from them. Of course, you kind of HAVE to watch the Champions League Final, even if you don't really like the teams. So, I'll be checking that one out on May 22nd.

But, I gotta say, the only soccer I'm looking forward to on May 22nd is the U.S. Women's National Team vs. the Germany Women's National Team match.

Same day, same channel. Check it out! Its at 6pm eastern time, probably right after the Champions League match.


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