Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys, just going to give a quick little update. I've created a separate blog for Men's soccer.

You can find it at

Just Another Soccer Fan is now fully devoted to the Women's game, specifically the WPS and the USWNT, and events like the Women's World Cup, The Algarve Cup, International friendlies, etc. etc. I figured branching off separate blogs for both Women's and Men's Soccer would make things much easier. So, if you prefer Women's soccer, come here to Just Another Soccer Fan. If you prefer Men's soccer, then visit Offside Call. And if you like both, feel free to visit both of them!

That's pretty much it. Just figured I'd notify you on the fact that I've branched out a separate blog for Men's, and that this here blog is all focused on Women's Soccer now.

Hope to see you on both!


1 comment:

  1. Nice! This blog is lookin good! I like the big WPS logo at the top if the page, if we ever go to a game, Maybe a picture of the field with a game goin on would look good up there too, I know a few baseball blogs that did that. So yeah, Ill also put a link to your other blog on mine. Make a post on here about the upper deck cards! We gotta get some! Hehehe! Hopefully people got some to trade or sell, now im off to ebay to look for some! Go USWNT today!