Monday, May 17, 2010

Tenim un nom el sap tothom, Barca Barca Baaarca! (La Liga's last week review)

It was business as usual in La Liga this weekend, as the the last game for the 2009-10 season was played. It was a down to the wire battle between the league's 2 best teams, Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona. Real Madrid, who was right on Barcelona's tail, only behind by 1 point in the standings, required a win, combined with the tie or loss of Barcelona to be League Champions. If Barcelona won their last game, it was all over for Real, and Barca would walk away La Liga Champs for a consecutive season. History repeated itself, and Barcleona were thus champions of La Liga for another year. Barcelona played against Valladolid, and handed out a thrashing. They won 4-0, with an own goal off the defensive deflection of Prieto, one from Pedro, and 2 from Messi. Valladolid had no answer, and so would be relegated to the Segunda Division. Meanwhile, Real Madrid would go against Malaga, in hopes of winning and possibly having the perfect circumstances fall into place so that they could maybe win the Primera. Anything is possible right? Well, Barca crushed those dreams immediately, pretty much after their 2nd goal was scored. Real Madrid couldn't even manage to win against former last place team Malaga. That's all those 200 million buckaroos at work. A team like Real Madrid, with all these big superstars, and all they could muster was a tie.....that's the difference between the champions, and everyone else. Barcelona gets the big wins when they are expected to. Real Madrid always falls short in some rather lackluster performances. Looking back, was spilling 200 million on players like Kaka, Benzema, and Xabi Alonso, really necessary? I don't think so. It was typical Real Madrid, trying to solve problems with money and all stars. Apparently, it didn't work, as they were just as successful this season with all of their big names, as they were last year without them. Maybe its time to re-analyze the situation Real Madrid, because once again, you have failed to stay in a Champions League, and have failed to win the Primera, or even the Copa Del Rey for crying out loud. The only acquisition that lived up to expectations, was Cristiano Ronaldo. He's pretty much alone out their though. He has no support. For the summer, Real, you have a lot of work to do. Try to get it right this time, though. Don't just shell out money on people who seem skilled, cough cough Kaka, Benzema, and Xabi Alonso cough cough.

Valencia, in the other realm of La Liga, only won thanks to a late goal by Alexis. Valencia, as usual, disappoint in some form or another. This year was no different. At least they didn't blow a Champions League spot this year! That's almost worthy of a celebration. But, not so fast. Champions League is sure to be an embarrassing experience next year for Valencia, as most of their assets, such as Villa, Silva, Mata, and Banega, are rumored to be leaving, or have already been signed to other teams. Good luck with that one Valencia. Another year, another La Liga season gone by. Many signings have been talked about heavily, one of which I'm most excited for (for obvious reasons) which is, David Villa to Barcelona. Its about time he moves on to a team that is more at his level of skill. Villa is one of the best strikers in the footballing World right now, and so, deserves to be on a team like Barcelona. Also, it has been rumored that Silva will be moving to Real, and that Banega has already been signed to Liverpool. It seems like this summer transfer season should be very interesting....when is it not?

Now, we look onward to another La Liga season....after World Cup, that is!

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