Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attention All USWNT Fans!

The USWNT needs our support!

Hello everyone, especially all of you USWNT fans! As you guys all know, our beloved USWNT suffered quite a hard loss in the Semifinals of the Gold Cup to Mexico. Since we were not named one of the finalists, we did not automatically qualify for Germany 2011, and now our road to the World Cup is going to be a much longer one. Our future regarding the competition is uncertain at this point, but I, like many other fans, have full confidence in them and know they can deliver on the task at hand. As many of you know, there is going to be a UEFA-CONCACAF Home-And-Away series to be played between the USWNT who is 3rd in CONCACAF, and Italy, who is 5th in UEFA. The first leg is going to be played in Padova, Italy. The second leg is going to be played here in the United States. It will be played in Bridgeview, Illinois. Ring a bell? Yep, it will be staged in Toyota Park, home of the Chicago Red Stars of the WPS.

Here's my message to all of you. For those of you USWNT fans in Italy (if you're out there, I'm talking to you!) then please try and get to the game. The Europeans love their soccer, and I assume that Italy will have a ton of fans doing exactly what the Mexico home crowd did. So, if any of you USWNT fans hailing/living in Italy are there, I'm sure it would really boost the team's morale. If you're one of those crazy fans from the U.S. who has the funds and time to go travel to Italy and support them, then hats off to you, and by all means get over there and support 'em! But, here's what I'm asking everyone else. For those of you that live in the United States (I know you're out there, most of my blog views--in fact 1,642 of them--are from my fellow Americans!) then please try to get to the game. I understand the USA is a big country, and if you don't live near, its definitely hard to travel there and it might not be possible for some of you, but I'm targeting those who live in or near the Chicago area. Even if its an hour or 2 hour drive away. And for those crazy fans that travel across the seas for their team, once again, hats off to you, and I'm sure you'll be heading down there. Unfortunately, I cannot go. I know you must be thinking "Well, you're blabbing on about how we should all go, but what about you?" And well, the truth is, I can't make it and it sucks. It kills me that I can't go, so I'm telling the people who live close to go, because if I were them and I lived close and had that opportunity, you could bet your ass I'd be there getting behind our USWNT. But unfortunately I can't. I don't have my own car, I live in NY, I have no funds to go, and it sucks. I know other fans who would go with me, but they're all in states far from mine. If I had the money and the transportation, hell I'd fly across the country, and even the world, to go see them. But I can't, and since I can't take advantage of that, I'm telling everyone else here to. Listen up people, this is our USWNT. They need our support more than ever before. Like I said in an earlier post, its great and very important to come out and support the team when they're doing great, but they really need us to come out to support and cheer them on now. The stakes are high and they need the fans behind them. There is a World Cup berth on the line. We need to do everything we can to support them, and make sure our USWNT gets into Germany 2011. It wouldn't be a Women's World Cup without them.

As of right now, tickets are available through and also through

Come on guys, the USWNT needs us now more than ever! Let's get behind them and make sure they make it to Germany 2011!


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