Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Attention Women's Soccer Fans!

Very good news regarding this competition below!

Hello everyone! There's an important piece of news that I think deserves its own post. I will mention it again when I write later about the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup, but this news needed to have its own segment. As you know, the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup begins tomorrow, and for us here in the United States (and I'm sure for other countries around the world), the big sports networks have ignored the competition, and are not televising the games. This is quite ridiculous, seeing as it would be unheard of to not have Men's World Cup qualifiers and even Men's Euro Cup qualifiers aired in not only the USA, but also everywhere else in the world. However, as all of us women's soccer fans know, sexism is still alive and well when it comes to the world of sports. But, I have amazing news for you. We do not have to resort to our beloved match tracker this time around! The good news is, is going to be streaming the games live, and for free! Yep, I know, take a minute to rub your eyes and shake your head to see if what I wrote is actually on the screen. Because, it is. In fact, I read it on the USWNT blog, which I have link to on the right sidebar. The only thing you have to do is register to the website, which takes no more than a minute. You know the deal, name, email address, what's your pet's name, the whole 9 yards. After you register, you will have complete access to CONCACAF TV, which is the website's streamed webcasts of the games. So, if you're a fan of any of the teams in the Gold Cup, or if you're just a women's soccer fan who can't get enough of the sport and loves to watch any game, you're in luck! I'm pretty sure CONCACAF TV will be streaming all of the games from their website. So, get ready to watch some Gold Cup action everyone!

Thanks to CONCACAF for acknowledging the women's game and the importance of the Gold Cup, and for giving us fans the ability to see our own teams play in this extremely important competition!

Coming up in a little while is a post on the actual Gold Cup competition, and I'm probably also going to write an opinion segment on the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Award, and the list of 10 nominees who were announced recently.

(I still have to get pictures up for a few posts, including this one. I'll be sure to do that when I publish the other upcoming posts)

See you back here soon!


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