Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Updates And Other Important News

Hello fellow women's soccer fans! You're here to get your daily dose of news and updates right? Of course you are! So, let's get started:

2010 Peace Queen Cup- Today saw some more action in the 2010 edition of the Peace Queen Cup. Here's what happened in today's matches:

England vs. Korea Republic- Both of these teams fought to a 0-0 tie. That was a bit of a surprise I think, since England is one of the stronger teams in the Women's soccer world, ranked at 9, while Korea Republic is ranked at 21. Its good practice for England though. And as for Korea, they're holding up pretty well against their opponents so far. Not scoring any, but not conceding either.

Australia vs. Chinese Taipei- The Matildas beat the Chinese 1-0. The one goal was just enough to edge out their opponents. So far, Australia seems to be the dominant team in this competition. The other qualified teams better watch out...Australia is looking strong, and we're less than a year away from World Cup.

WPS Expansion Draft- Here's some good news! The date of the Expansion draft was mentioned, and as I promised I'd tell you as soon as I found out. The date of the Draft is going to be November 4th, so mark your calendars. You can follow the actual draft on WPS' twitter. However, the most exciting thing regarding this draft, is that tomorrow, at 5pm ET, the protected lists will be announced. The protected list is the list that each team has, with 10 of their players protected from being picked in the draft. At least 3 players on each team, however, must be left unprotected. I'll be sure to give you all the information on the protected lists here, probably tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then by Thursday for sure! I'll post the lists and I'll give you my opinions on them as well.

USWNT- the USWNT players were scheduled to depart today for Mexico, in order to meet a little in advance to prepare for the Women's Gold Cup which starts on the 28th.

Well everyone, I think that's it for today. Remember, there will be an upcoming post on the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup.

Have a good one!

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